Kenyan Prince: Controversial Forex trader Making Upto Ksh30,000 Per Day

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Raymond Omosa, widely known as Kenyan Prince, has emerged as a fascinating figure in the realm of social media and Forex trading, illustrating a journey from humble beginnings to substantial success.

Born and raised in Keroka, Kisii County, Kenya, Omosa faced early hardships following the untimely death of his mother during childhood.

However, adversity did not define him, and his story is a testament to resilience and determination.

After completing his education, which was supported by a local bank, Omosa embarked on a journey to Nairobi in 2020, seeking greener pastures.

Unfortunately, the city’s harsh realities pushed him into the challenging life of a street kid. Surviving on the streets, he resorted to begging, approaching individuals with cars during the day and sleeping on bank corridors at night.

In a stroke of fortune, Omosa encountered a generous benefactor around the parliament buildings. This encounter changed the trajectory of his life.

The benefactor, recognizing Omosa’s potential, handed him Ksh40,000, a sum that served as a catalyst for a fresh start.

With this money, Omosa made a strategic decision, prioritizing a Ksh26,000 phone and a Ksh9,800 bedsitter over immediate comforts like food and furniture.

The phone wasn’t just a communication device for Omosa; it was a tool for potential prosperity. Armed with his new smartphone, he ventured into online gambling, placing bets and hoping for financial gains. However, a bitter experience, where he was conned Ksh3,500 while purchasing ‘sure betting odds,’ triggered a shift in his perspective.

Realizing that he had fallen victim to a scam and recognizing the potential to replicate this deceit, Omosa embarked on a new venture. He founded his ‘sure betting odds’ company, targeting unsuspecting gamblers on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. For six months, he successfully scammed individuals, with one particular instance involving fleecing someone of sh100,000 on Telegram.

As with any scheme, the lifespan of Omosa’s fraudulent activities was finite. After 40 days, his scams were exposed on Telegram and other social channels. This setback forced him to reassess his approach and seek alternative sources of income.

In 2021, Omosa, having experienced a fall from grace, moved in with his girlfriend. Inspired by the potential of online content creation, particularly on YouTube, he and his girlfriend established a channel named The Prince Family. While awaiting monetization eligibility, they candidly shared their struggles, relying on donations from their viewers for survival.

Recognizing the growing popularity of TikTok, the Omosas transitioned to the platform in February 2022.

The Prince Family TikTok account quickly gained traction, with their first video going viral and amassing over 2 million views within a day. The influx of gifts from viewers, converted into monetary gains, marked a turning point in their financial situation.

Around the same time, Omosa delved into Forex trading with a newfound dedication. Using the proceeds from their TikTok success, he enlisted mentors from Nakuru and Malaysia to guide him in the intricacies of trading.

The journey was not without its challenges, as he initially faced losses, blowing multiple trading accounts. However, perseverance paid off, and he began making around $200 daily.

The breakthrough came when he risked his entire $600 account, reaping a staggering $20,000 in a single day.

With his newfound wealth, Omosa made significant investments, including purchasing land in Nakuru and constructing a house for his grandmother. Currently estimating his net worth to be over Ksh30 million, Omosa has diversified his holdings, owning four cars, including a Demio, two Audis, and a Mercedes. He has also established a Ksh4 million, 4-bedroom mansion and operates a car hire company, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

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