Lenny Gitonga: Telecommunications Engineer Who Quit His Job to Thrive in Poultry Farming and Beyond

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Four years ago, Lenny Gitonga, a telecommunications engineer, embarked on a work assignment that would change the course of his life forever.

This work trip took him to Narok County, where he had a life-altering experience that ultimately led him to become a successful poultry farmer and advocate for agribusiness.

Lenny vividly remembers his first encounter with the world of farming during his visit to Narok.

He met a farmer who, while not a millionaire, was leading a comfortable life through poultry farming and radiated a sense of peace and contentment. This encounter left a profound impression on him.

Coming from a high-pressure job, Lenny underwent a period of deep introspection upon his return to Nairobi. A few months later, he made a radical decision – he quit his job. Utilizing his networks in Narok, he secured prime farmland in Nkoben, Narok County, using his savings as the initial capital. This marked the beginning of his journey into poultry farming.

Despite having no prior experience in poultry farming, Lenny started by purchasing a batch of day-old chicks and hired a skilled individual to construct the necessary infrastructure. The road was not without its challenges, as he lost 120 chicks in a single day. Common poultry diseases like Newcastle and Fowl Typhoid presented significant hurdles, but Lenny’s determination remained unshaken.

Learning from his early setbacks, Lenny sought knowledge and guidance from a reputable poultry company, focusing on aspects such as feeding, egg production, and disease management. He soon realized the critical importance of vaccination, proper brooding, and maintaining hygiene to ensure successful egg production.

In his journey, Lenny discovered that the market for eggs was insatiable. He found a reliable market for his products in Narok town, where demand for his eggs consistently remained high.

While the financial rewards of poultry farming may not match his previous engineering salary, Lenny has no regrets about his career change. He reflects on the long hours and little personal time he had in his engineering job, comparing it to the fulfillment and happiness he now derives from farming.

Not only has Lenny created a source of income for himself, but he has also become a job creator, employing five young individuals on his farm. His future plans include diversifying into other agribusiness ventures, with aspirations to acquire 100 acres of land for commercial purposes, including beef cattle rearing and other livestock activities.

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