Biggest Jackpot Winners in the History of Kenya And How They Invested

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Opportunities that come once in a lifetime are a rare and precious gift, and for some lucky individuals in Kenya, winning life-changing jackpots has been their ticket to financial freedom. Here’s a glimpse into the lives of some of Kenya’s biggest jackpot winners and how they chose to spend their newfound fortunes.

1. Samuel Abisai: Sh221 million Sportpesa Mega Jackpot Winner

  • Samuel Abisai made headlines when he won a staggering Sh221 million on the Sportpesa mega jackpot by correctly predicting 17 matches with a Sh200 bet.
  • After his win, he took some time to contemplate how to spend the money. He began by donating to the church and investing in real estate. He also assisted friends in setting up businesses.

2. Gordon Ogada: Sh230,742,881 Jackpot Winner

  • Gordon Ogada won the largest-ever jackpot in Kenya, but he revealed that he faced financial challenges just five months after his win, dispelling the notion that he had unlimited wealth.
  • He invested most of his winnings in long-term investments and built a luxurious home in Nyatike village, Migori. Additionally, he used his fortune to support disadvantaged children’s education and improve the welfare of the elderly.

3. Cosmas Korir: Sh208,765,000 Sportpesa Jackpot Winner

  • Cosmas Korir won Sh208,765,000 on the Sportpesa jackpot in 2018. He spent Sh12 million on a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and shared Sh10 million with friends.
  • Cosmas also invested in real estate, purchasing flats in Kitengela, and deposited Sh130 million into a fixed deposit account. He used Sh2 million to complete his Bomet house and cleared a Sh3.5 million loan.

4. Eli Kipruto Rotich: Ksh200 million Betika Mega Jackpot Winner

  • Eli Kipruto Rotich, a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, won Ksh200 million by correctly predicting 17 matches on the Betika Mega Jackpot with a Ksh49 bet.

5. Geoffrey Kung’u: Sh100 million Lotto Jackpot Winner

  • Geoffrey Kung’u, a farmer from Nyandarua, joined the millionaire’s club when he won Sh100 million in the Lotto Shinda Mamili Charity draw.
  • Mr. Kung’u, who had been participating in the draw since October 2016, planned to budget the money with his family and invest in expanding his small-scale farming.

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