Ringtone: Why I can’t have children despite being rich

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Ringtone Apoko, often referred to as the Kenyan chairman of gospel music, has recently shed light on his personal life, revealing his aspirations for love and family in a candid interview with Mungai Eve.

In the interview, Ringtone expressed his deep love for children and his desire to have a large family, aiming for a total of seven children in the future. However, he admitted to harboring certain fears about bringing children into this world due to the hardships he endured during his own upbringing.

“Yes, I’m afraid, I’m very afraid of bringing children into the world who will go through hardships like mine, and I’m very afraid,” Ringtone shared honestly.

Despite these apprehensions, Ringtone emphasized his commitment to ensuring that the mother of his seven children would have a good life. He even expressed his intention to reward her with seven gifts, each corresponding to the seven times she brings a child into the world.

In a surprising turn, the controversial gospel musician hinted at settling down and starting a family in the near future. He disclosed that he has a considerable number of women in his life, and the process of selecting the right partner is currently underway.

Ringtone also revealed that his direct messages (DMs) are inundated with messages from female fans, both local and foreign, who express their affection for him. This suggests that the artist has no shortage of admirers vying for his attention.

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