Mary Moraa: From a Total Orphan to Winning Golds in World Marathons

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Mary Moraa, born on June 15, 2000, has emerged as a prominent figure in Kenyan athletics, specializing in the challenging 800 metres event.

Her journey has been marked by exceptional achievements, displaying her prowess on both the national and international stages.

In a remarkable feat, Moraa clinched the gold medal at the 2023 World Athletics Championships, solidifying her position as a force to be reckoned with in the athletics world.

Notably, she secured a bronze medal in the same event at the 2022 World Athletics Championships and triumphed with a gold at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Beyond her achievements in the 800 metres, Moraa also holds the Kenyan record for the 400 metres. Her exceptional performance earned her the title of the 2022 Diamond League 800 metres champion, a testament to her dedication and skill.

The path to success hasn’t been without challenges. Orphaned at the tender age of two after losing both parents, Moraa grew up under the care of her grandparents in the town of Kisii in western Kenya.

It was through her innate talent for running that she secured an educational bursary, providing her with opportunities for a brighter future.

Moraa’s career trajectory shifted from specializing in the 400 metres to excelling in the 800 metres. Her international debut took place at the World Under-18 Championships in Nairobi, where she clinched a silver medal with a personal best time of 53.31 seconds.

The following year, she showcased her skills at the World U20 Championships in Tampere, Finland, demonstrating her versatility in the 400 metres.

Stepping onto the continental stage, Moraa secured the African U20 title and the Kenyan senior title in the 400 metres, further solidifying her prowess. Her journey into the 800 metres gained momentum in 2019, and she made her presence felt on the international scene.

Although her dreams of Olympic glory were temporarily interrupted due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, Moraa’s participation in the event in 2021 marked a significant achievement.

Competing in the 800 metres, she showcased her determination and skill, representing her country on a global platform.

As Moraa’s star continues to rise, her dedication and tenacity stand as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide.

Her journey from adversity to triumph is a testament to the power of resilience and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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