Inooro TV breakfast Njoroge wa Githinji: I was Fired at K24 While My Wife Was Four Months Pregnant

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Inooro TV breakfast presenter, Njoroge wa Githinji, lost his job at Mediamax while his wife was four months pregnant.

In a recent interview with Kikuyu Diaspora TV, Njoroge revealed that he had worked at K24 for eight months before ultimately being fired in 2013.

“It’s important to clarify that I was sacked. On that day, I sensed it was inevitable through my connections. I knew that the following day, I would be among those who were being let go.”

Njoroge shared that after the termination, he felt as though life had come to a standstill.

“I sat at Fig Tree, Ngara, pondering what my next move would be. I was contemplating the path that lay ahead,” he recounted.

“I detested life, and whenever I saw people smiling, I questioned their reasons. I regret questioning God for that.”

During that period, he was unsure how he would provide for his wife as she was expecting their child.

Instead of sympathy, his wife encouraged him to make the most of the situation and return to school.

Githinji had completed his Diploma in Public Relations at a Nairobi university, prompting him to pursue a degree in journalism at the Kenya Methodist University.

He also decided to work in a quarry to support his family.

Coincidentally, on the day his wife gave birth, he received an interview call to work for Mwanaspoti at QTV.

“I secured the job and had the opportunity to co-host alongside Joshua Makori. The contract, however, concluded that same December,” he stated.

He also briefly engaged in sports reporting at Ebru TV while continuing his part-time studies at Kemu.

“I excelled in sports reporting and knew it was my forte.”

A friend informed him about a new opening at Inooro TV and encouraged him to apply.

Although he applied for a sports editor position, he was offered the role of a TV host for a new show called Inooro TV Breakfast.

“I conveyed my aversion to politics, but the station decided to pair me with a well-known radio presenter.”

He acknowledged that the major challenge he faced was online trolling from detractors.

“Some claimed I would overshadow my co-host and asserted that I wasn’t the best fit for the show. I concentrated on being authentic and carved out my own niche.”

Njoroge recently commemorated six years at the radio station.

He also revealed that he is currently pursuing a master’s degree in digital journalism.

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