The Akatsas: Kenyans Who Left the Country to Serve God in the US

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As Kenyans navigate the path toward greener pastures abroad, a journey often considered a pursuit of opportunities, Dr. Pauline Akatsa and her husband, Pastor Nandy Akatsa, discerned a different calling—to venture to the United States with a mission to spread the word of God.

The couple, who had a church in Westlands, seized an opportunity to visit the US for the first time in 1995 on a traveling visa.

“It was during this visit that we began to sense that God was calling us back to the US, but this time to establish a church,” recounted Dr. Pauline Akatsa, who also holds titles as a recognized emotional health coach, author, inspirational speaker, and leadership and development coach.

Taking the vision to heart, Pastor Nandy Akatsa reached out to their pastor at the time, Bishop JB Masinde, to share their aspirations.

With his blessings, the couple embarked on a new chapter, finding themselves on American soil once again ready to fulfill their divine mission.

“When we first arrived in the US, we landed in Ohio, where my younger brother was residing. However, through prayer, we discerned that Ohio was not the destination God was calling us to, but rather the Houston area,” she added, emphasizing that this realization came through a series of prophetic utterances.

Upon settling in Houston, Pastor Nandy Akatsa applied for a Green Card through the DV lottery program, which was successfully granted, providing them with permanent residency in the US.

This pivotal moment further fueled their inspiration to preach and spread the word of God.

“I believe our church was among the first where the elders were predominantly single individuals and comprised mainly of university students,” she reflected.

It was in 2012 when the Akatsa’s sensed that the season was changing and this led them into a new era in their lives.

An era of doing ministry in a different way.  In this season, the Akatsas minister to the community as a whole.

After two decades of sharing the word of God, the Akatsas have organized a couples’ dinner to celebrate the goodness of God and His faithfulness over the years.

Pauline Akatsa explains that the idea for the couple’s dinner stemmed from the various challenges faced by people in the diaspora, ranging from marital issues to personal struggles.

“My husband and I pondered over how we could provide a night of respite for individuals—a Couple Dinner where people could take a break, dress up, and come together for an evening of food, drinks, good music, and stand-up comedy, allowing everyone to share laughter,” Pauline shared, eagerly anticipating the much-awaited dinner scheduled for Friday, April 19.

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