Sad turn of events as University student graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree only to end up selling charcoal

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In a compelling story,  a university graduate has bravely showcased a different path of his career journey despite graduate with a degree at the University.

The young lady, whose journey took an unexpected turn despite the hard-earned degree, fearlessly shared her story through a trending TikTok video.

Embracing a popular TikTok trend, the graduate posted a video featuring her matriculation photo alongside scenes of her industriously packing charcoal for sale.

Seated on a modest stool, she prepared the charcoal for potential customers, unapologetically revealing her entrepreneurial venture.

Despite the unconventional career choice, the comments section of her video overflowed with well-wishers expressing their support and encouragement.

The responses varied, with some predicting a bright future for her, while others believed her current challenges would become a mere chapter in her success story.

The graduate captioned her video with a heart-breaking reflection on the misconception surrounding education as the ultimate key to success, cleverly stating, “When they told you education is the key to success, but in reality, it’s your padlock for your success.”

Below are some of the reactions from netizens:

Sandy Bella said: “Is a matter of time…u will soon get a job……was in the same situation but my dear all hope is not lost….now working in reputable company.”

Jomo Inusah said: “Am extremely proud of you. Trust me, you can’t be rich as an employee. Most of our colleagues in neckties are suffering. U are on the right path.”

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