Inspiring: Kenyan Celebrities who Worked as House Helps Before Becoming Famous

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The stories of these Kenyan celebrities showcase their determination, hard work, and resilience in overcoming challenges to achieve success. They prove that success is not solely determined by background or circumstances, and that with dedication and perseverance, anyone can attain their dreams.

These individuals worked as house helps, facing difficult situations and low-paying jobs, but they didn’t let that define their future. Instead, they used their experiences as stepping stones to create their own paths and make a mark in their respective fields.

Akothee, now a successful musician and businessperson, her journey to where she is now, has been tough, as she at one point had to work as a house help to make ends meet. According to Akothee, after eloping with her then lover, she had to serve as a house help for 7 years at her in-law’s house. Akothee later left the home after they separated with her lover. It is after this that she ventured into the music industry and started building the fortune she has today. In 2021, Forbes estimated her net worth to be slightly over one billion shillings.

Gloria Muliro, known for her uplifting gospel songs that include Ndio Yako, Narudisha, Sitolia featuring Willy Paul and Matokeo among others, worked as a house help and saved enough money to clear her school fees. The songs saw her win awards and dominate the local airwaves.

However, before the fame and success, Gloria had to work as a house help and earned Sh1,300 monthly.

“I got a job as a house help which I did for two years in the Eastlands of Nairobi. I worked with a lot of commitment trusting in the Lord and sure enough God blessed me. I raised enough money, cleared my debt in school and was issued with my certificates that changed my destiny altogether,” she said in a past interview.

She later joined a teacher’s training college and served as a teacher before making her debut in the music industry, where she attained the fame she enjoys today.

Fatuma Zarika, a renowned female boxer, took on manual jobs like being a house help to overcome financial constraints and pave the way for her boxing career.

She has won several accolades and took part in several international bouts, thus giving her an international outlook.

Getting there was, however, not easy as financial constraints forced her to take manual jobs that include serving as a house help for a year to make ends meet.

Nyce Wanjeri, an actress and comedian, worked as a house girl and used the money to fund her computer course. Her dedication eventually led her to a successful acting career.

According to Shiru, she at one point worked as a house girl for her cousin and in return got money to pay for her computer course.

Nyota Ndogo, a musician, started as a house girl before a person named Andrew introduced her to the music scene and helped produce her first album, setting her on the path to stardom.

These stories remind us that success is a result of hard work, determination, and seizing opportunities, regardless of one’s background or early life circumstances.

Each of these celebrities’ journeys serves as an inspiration for others to persevere and pursue their passions, no matter the challenges they face along the way.

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