Catherine Njeri: How You Can Make Sh.1,000 to Sh.2,000 Per Day by Selling Crocs

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Crocs have become a popular household item across the country, known for their affordability and comfort.

Catherine Njeri is a crocs seller who has been in the business for the past two years.

Her decision to start selling crocs was driven by the desire to offer non-perishable products that required minimal startup capital and did not strain customers’ wallets.

Catherine sources her crocs from the Kamukunji Trading Center at wholesale prices and retails them in her shop. She has a clear pricing structure based on different sizes, ensuring competitive rates for her customers.

The profit margins for crocs can be quite lucrative, with turnovers exceeding 100%. For example, Catherine can purchase a pair of crocs for Ksh.95 and sell them for Ksh.150 to Ksh.200, allowing for a significant profit.

To thrive in the crocs business, Catherine emphasizes the importance of offering better prices than neighboring shops. By doing so, she attracts more customers and achieves higher sales volumes.

Additionally, she recommends combining the crocs business with another venture, such as running a cosmetics shop, to generate additional income.

The compact nature of crocs makes them easy to display in a shop, either in a laundry basket or outside if weather conditions permit. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the product’s appeal.

When it comes to selling crocs, Catherine suggests using a laundry basket or displaying them outside the shop to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Creating a well-designed Jua Kali-made display can also be effective in showcasing the products. Catherine advises putting price tags on the crocs to streamline the buying process and ensure that customers who approach are ready to make a purchase.

For busy individuals who may not have time to personally oversee sales, hiring someone to sell the crocs and paying them a commission can be a viable option.

However, maintaining clear communication and proper record-keeping are crucial to staying informed about daily sales progress. Alternatively, employees can send daily sales reports for remote monitoring.

Catherine charges additional fees for deliveries outside Nairobi and requires a minimum order of 50 pairs for such requests. This strategy helps cover the associated delivery costs.

According to Catherine, the crocs business has the potential to yield daily profits ranging from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.2,000. With a startup capital of around Ksh.4,000 to Ksh.4,500, it is possible to stock more than 20 pairs and embark on this profitable venture.

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