I Don’t Supply Government with Chemicals for Water Cannons, Says Rucher Africa Kenya LTD Owner

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In the past week, rumors have swirled that Rueben Ndirangu, founder of Rucher Africa Kenya LTD, has been supplying the Kenyan government with chemicals for water cannons used to disperse demonstrators protesting the controversial Financial Bill 2024. These claims have sparked widespread concern and debate among Kenyans.

The misinformation began when Jubilee Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni insinuated that a company in the Industrial Area was supplying the government with chemicals for water cannons.

Kioni did not disclose the company’s full name but mentioned it started with the letter ‘R,’ urging the youth to investigate further. This vague statement led to speculation, and some individuals incorrectly identified Rucher Africa Kenya LTD as the company involved.

Responding to these allegations, Rueben Ndirangu expressed shock and disappointment.

“I am surprised to hear that I supposedly supply the government with chemicals for their water cannons. I have never conducted any business with any government organization,” he said. Ndirangu emphasized that Rucher Africa Kenya LTD is a new company focused on supplying water treatment detergents to local Kenyan companies.

Ndirangu also suggested that his competitors might be spreading these false rumors to tarnish his company’s reputation.

“A number of Kenyans might have been paid by my close competitors to damage our name,” he speculated. This statement highlights the competitive nature of the industrial chemicals market in Kenya, where companies are vying for dominance.

Rucher Africa Kenya LTD prides itself on being Kenya’s premier supplier of a comprehensive range of industrial chemicals, essential oils, flavors, and cutting-edge reverse osmosis (RO) systems for water treatment.

Ndirangu underscored this commitment, stating, “We are dedicated to providing quality products and services to our clients. Our focus is on local businesses, not government contracts.”

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