Pastor Kanyari: Why I Reversed M-Pesa Transactions for the Burial of My Late Sister, Starlet Wahu

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In a candid revelation during a tell-it-all session with his congregation at the Salvation Healing Ministry Church, Pastor Victor Kanyari opened up about the somber events surrounding the funeral of his late sister, Starlet Wahu.

Pastor Kanyari disclosed that the family opted not to seek financial contributions from extended family members and friends during the planning of the funeral.

As news of Starlet Wahu’s passing became public, Pastor Kanyari found himself fielding calls from the media eager to uncover the details of the tragedy.

In an effort to avoid unnecessary scrutiny and embarrassment, the family decided to hurriedly bury her.

During this challenging time, Pastor Kanyari expressed his desire to keep the funeral arrangements low-key and refrained from accepting financial assistance from well-wishers.

“I told my mum that she was dead and never coming back, and we should bury her. We didn’t want people to contribute money for us, and even when they sent me money, I reversed it,” shared Kanyari in a heartfelt statement on SHIFU TV Tiktok page.

The emotional cleric went on to emphasize that he personally funded the entire ceremony to ensure that the family maintained control over the funeral proceedings.

Starlet Wahu was laid to rest on January 6 at the family home in Kamulu, with only 20 people in attendance at the intimate ceremony. The family, especially their mother, Prophetess Lucy Nduta, has been deeply affected by the tragedy.

Despite their grief, they have rallied around their mother, urging her not to succumb to depression, which they believe could have detrimental effects on her health.

Commenting on social media, netizens expressed a range of emotions. Some empathized with Pastor Kanyari, while others admired his openness in addressing the matter. Viewers commended him for his sincerity and offered condolences to the grieving family.

In a separate revelation, Pastor Kanyari shared that the family had not met the man connected to Starlet Wahu, whose sister was captured on CCTV. The two had apparently spent time together during the December holidays in 2023, and Pastor Kanyari lamented the tragic turn of events, expressing heartbreak over the loss of a sister who was doing well in life.

“I am heartbroken; she was doing so well in life. We last met on Christmas, and on December 31, we spent time together at home. We had not seen the man before. We learned about him after her death. This is so tragic for us, the family, and even her friends. May her soul rest in peace,” he shared on Nairobi News.

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