Viral House help Rosie earns 100K per evening from TikTok

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In a TikTok video, Rosie’s former employer expressed admiration for the Kenyan viral house help, nanny Roseline ‘Rosie’ Atieno, applauding her for successfully monetizing her TikTok platform and leveraging the fame she gained after leaving Lebanon.

The ex-boss noted observing Rosie hosting live sessions every evening and speculated that she could potentially earn over 100,000 Kenyan Shillings per evening if she maintains consistency.

Identified as the Lebanese woman behind the TikTok handle of her two youngest kids, Maria and Cateleya, she disclosed that she has been providing support to Rosie, although the nature of this support wasn’t elaborated on.

“Rosie is going live every night, and if she keeps up with good content every night, she can make up to 76,000 to 153,000 Shillings,” mentioned her former Lebanese employer in a TikTok live video.

Maria’s mom emphasized that if Rosie maximizes her presence in the digital market, she could potentially earn enough money to independently support her children without having to leave them again. She urged her fans and followers to visit and support Rosie’s live feeds, encouraging her to stay in Kenya.

(Commentary: Does anyone else sense a ‘white messiah’ vibe from this Lebanese lady, or is it just me? I recall netizens initially complaining that the couple was using Rosie as a cash cow, but I didn’t think much about it until now.)

“That will be enough to take care of her kids in Kenya; support her life and send her gifts. She deserves to stay with her kids,” the lady added.

Addressing how the children, especially the young twin girls Maria and Cateleya, were coping with Rosie’s absence, their mother affirmed that the kids undeniably miss her. Seeing her online makes them feel sad, but they are gradually learning to navigate through these emotions.

“Of course, Maria and Cateleya feel bad when they see her, but they will get used to it,” the mother of five said. In a separate post, she disclosed that one twin, Maria, was particularly bonded to Rosie, and her departure had affected the child’s sleep and eating habits.

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