Mary Waceke: Meet Woman Who Left the Country for the US, Now Helping Kenyans Earn a Six-Figure Salary in Top American Tech Companies.

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DMK IT Solutions stands as a world-class provider of modern, cost-effective, and cutting-edge technology solutions.

Co-founded by Mary Waceke, a Kenyan based in the US, and Professor Erick Kamamba, DMK IT Solutions School of Analytics has become a prominent institution.

This establishment focuses on equipping students with essential skills in Data Analytics, Business Analysis, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Mary Waceke, despite her role at Apple Inc, has dedicated herself to training people in Analytics through DMK IT Solutions.

The program extends beyond borders, offering guaranteed internships with global tech giants in China, the UK, the US, Canada, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.

Key Features of DMK IT Solutions School of Analytics:

Guaranteed 100% Remote Internships:

DMK IT Solutions ensures that its students gain practical experience by providing guaranteed 100% remote internships with USA Fortune 400 Companies for a duration of four months.

Tailor-Made Curriculum:

In collaboration with key employers, the school has crafted a curriculum designed to enhance the efficient absorption of students into the industry. It focuses on instilling the right hard, soft, and technical skills/tools.

Real-World Projects:

Students are exposed to corporate dynamics through engagement in real-world projects, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities present in the professional landscape.

Experienced Microsoft Certified Professors:

The school boasts Microsoft certified professors with extensive experience in Analytics, ensuring students receive top-notch education.

Ongoing Job Support:

DMK IT Solutions is committed to supporting individuals transitioning to new careers in Analytics, offering ongoing job support to its alumni.

LinkedIn Optimization and Resume Building Assistance:

Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, the school provides assistance in optimizing LinkedIn profiles and building impactful resumes.

Mock Interviews Preparation:

To further hone the skills of its students, DMK IT Solutions conducts mock interviews, preparing them for real-world scenarios.

Rich Learning Materials: The school provides excellent learning materials through its YouTube channels, offering additional resources to complement classroom education.

For inquiries and enrollment, you can reach out to DMK IT Solutions at or visit their course outline portal.

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