Pauline Njoroge: How I rose from a Posho Mill attendant to working with former President Uhuru Kenyatta

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Pauline Njoroge is a name that resonates deeply within the Kenyan digital realm, celebrated for her commanding social media presence and unwavering opinions on matters of politics and human interest.

Her influence extends to collaboration with political parties and figures, including former President Uhuru Kenyatta, former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth, the Jubilee Party, and the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition, among others.

Despite her immersion in the political landscape and association with influential figures, there’s more to Pauline Njoroge’s story than meets the eye.

Her trajectory from humble beginnings to political prominence is a testament to her resilience, divine favor, and unyielding determination.

Early Struggles and Resilience

Contrary to the assumption of a privileged upbringing, Pauline Njoroge’s origins are rooted in adversity. Growing up as an orphan, she faced numerous challenges, including the struggle to fund her own education and that of her sister.

In an anecdote from her past, Pauline recounted being evicted from her dwelling due to rent arrears. Meanwhile, her sister endured a six-week hiatus from school due to unpaid fees.

The tribulations of her early life were formative, planting the seeds of tenacity that would later define her journey.

From Posho Mill Attendant to Political Aspirant

Pauline’s resourcefulness and unyielding ambition led her to embrace opportunities amidst adversity.

She found herself working as an attendant at a posho mill, an experience that sharpened her work ethic and fortified her character. It was during this time that her path began to intersect with politics.

Driven by an unquenchable desire to engage in politics and establish a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Pauline pursued knowledge and understanding at the US Embassy reference center.

This commitment bore fruit when she rallied a group of youth to join her in launching the NGO. The road to its establishment was arduous, but their collective determination propelled them forward.

Pauline’s engagement with the NGO facilitated connections and networking opportunities, including engagements at the US embassy in Nairobi. Simultaneously, her membership in the US Embassy reference center kindled an appreciation for social media, enabling her to cultivate a significant following on her Facebook page, where she shared her insights on political developments.

A Meeting of Minds: Collaboration with Peter Kenneth and Beyond

Pauline’s digital acumen caught the attention of her audience, including one significant figure: former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth.

A fortuitous interaction led to an invitation to meet Kenneth in person. This encounter marked a turning point in Pauline’s journey, as her ideas resonated with the former assistant minister, leading to her inclusion in his presidential team as a social media strategist.

The subsequent years witnessed Pauline’s ascent within political circles. Recognizing her digital prowess, the TNA party recruited her, and she played a pivotal role in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s electoral victory.

This partnership continued through the Jubilee government’s ten-year term, during which Pauline pursued higher education, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media and Communication as well as a Master’s Degree in International Studies.

Beyond Partisanship: Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition

Pauline’s political journey transcended party lines as she collaborated with former rivals Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to form the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition.

Her involvement in this venture underscored her commitment to a united Kenya and her determination to contribute positively to the nation’s trajectory.

A Multifaceted Impact

Beyond her political engagement, Pauline Njoroge’s contributions extended to the communication sphere. Her role as a communication officer at the NEPAD/APRM Kenya Secretariat showcased her diverse skills and commitment to nation-building.

The story of Pauline Njoroge is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the transformative power of determination. From her humble beginnings as a posho mill attendant, she carved a path to the corridors of power, leaving an indelible mark on Kenya’s political landscape and inspiring generations with her journey from adversity to achievement.

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