Carol Radul: I went broke despite earning a six-figure salary

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In the world of sports media, Carol Radull is a household name known for her versatility, expertise, and captivating storytelling.

Her journey from her early days in Botswana to her flourishing career in various media houses has been marked by triumphs, setbacks, and valuable life lessons.

Growing up in Botswana, Carol’s love for sports was nurtured by her father’s profession as a mining engineer, which granted her access to diverse sports facilities.

With her parents actively involved in sports, she immersed herself in various athletic pursuits, honing her skills and fostering her versatility from a young age.

After completing her studies, Carol embarked on a remarkable journey through different media houses, starting with voiceovers for KBC’s theater programs before rising to become an anchor.

Along the way, she received invaluable training from industry experts such as Raphael Tuju, Anne Ofula, and Yusuf Ali, further enhancing her skills in the field.

One of the pivotal moments in Carol’s career was her time at the Mohammed Amin Foundation, where she worked with acclaimed photojournalist Mohammed Amin.

This experience deepened her passion for storytelling and ignited her desire to share compelling narratives in the realm of sports media.

However, Carol encountered a significant setback during her tenure at the BBC. While parting ways amicably, this moment prompted her to reflect on her approach to opportunities and financial responsibility.

Despite earning a substantial salary, she had a reckless attitude towards money, often indulging in lavish spending without saving for the future. This realization led her to reevaluate her choices and adopt a more responsible mindset.

Through resilience and the support of loved ones, Carol navigated through the difficult period and seized an opportunity in Rwanda offered by Nick Hughes, the director of Vivid Features. Although subsequent positions at Citizen TV and other media houses were short-lived, her resourcefulness and hustle allowed her to make ends meet by organizing shoots for international news agencies.

These challenges became transformative moments for Carol. She embraced a more responsible approach to her finances, understanding the importance of saving and planning for the future. Her mindset shifted, propelling her forward with determination and a renewed focus on her career in sports media.

In a twist of fate, an opportunity arose when John Wilkins approached her to host a sports show on Kiss 100. Carol wholeheartedly embraced the role, bringing her expertise, versatility, and engaging style to captivate audiences.

Her ability to cover a wide range of sports, coupled with her insightful analysis and captivating storytelling, made her a revered figure in the world of sports media.

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